How to create dynamically list in forms passing a variable


I have a service node that extract some address according to the zip code and I want to pass those address to list form (‘create’ a list dynamically).

Is this already possible?

Hello @daniel ,

Do you want to create a list- as in display the address as list though message node, or show them within a form that is shown to user? The usecase is not very clear.

In forms we have checkbox, radio button and dropdown are the fields that allow multiple values in one field type. (Note: checkbox can have a maximum of 4 columns only.) If these are suitable for the usecase, you can use the prefill form as referred in the post How to pass the value form an entities to a digital form component

Let us know if this helps.

Hello @sameera.tumuluri

Thanks for your replay. The idea is to extract the address from a service node and then pass those values to a dropdown list in a form. This values can not be define at the beginning in the form because they are not static they change according to the zip code.


The feature of dynamically creating the list itself is not available right now. Any pre-existing values designed in the form can only be pre-selected.