How to Connect, Access, Query Oracle/SQL DB with Bot's Queries

We are building the bot, but now we are supposed to connect the bot to Oracle DB & query that table to fetch the responses, Since the Table is very huge.
We tried the Documentation & community as well but didn’t get the satisfactory answer;
since the only guidelines we could find is “Use API Services”.
So please guide/help us with step by step guide
– In establishing Connection with Oracle DB
– How we can fetch data with a bot query from Oracle DB since we are not allowed to use Kore’s internal Data table
– How to access the data which isn’t is JSON format?

I cannot provide a detailed PoC but what I can say is as long as there is an API exposed to fetch any data, VA can use it to get the data/push the data. If something like that is not available at your end you may need to expose and adapter/app that will mediate between your DB and VA.