How to capture what user has entered the response to the bot

Hi Team ,

I am new to . I have build a small chat bot which ask name ,email , emp id and I have published this bot.
Now I want to capture/get the answers , what User ahs entered into chat . how I can do this or I can get this answer from postman?
Please help me.

Can you please elaborate more on what you mean by ‘capture/get the answers’? You every entity captured is present in the bot context. You can use the message node to print it.
Refer to

One example could be

  • Plain text: Hello {{}}
  • JS: print(JSON.stringify(;
    Note ‘JSON.stringify’ is needed only if the value is JSON type. Else only print(; will also work.

hi @swagata.sengupta

Actually whatever response user has given to chat bot I have recorded using {{}} ,{{context.entities.mail}} , from attached image you can see at last I have summaries those using these context. Now I want all these details pass it to external application .
So my question is how I can pass these values(name ,email , emp id) to outside from platform.

In that case, you will need a service node. Hope you have an external application exposed to public internet so that you can send these details. If not, just for testing purposes you can use postman-echo. I use this often for testing.
Please let us know if you get stuck anywhere.

Hi @swagata.sengupta
Thanks for your reply.
I have added service node but I am not aware of what should be request and sample response to be add.

I just need the info what user has entered in bot as mentioned in the above image. could you please provide me me a steps on how I can use postman-echo. plz.

I strongly recommend you go through the kore basic training.
And self-learn on