How to add faq answer in advanced message with tags using kore Add FAQ API?

I am using Kore Add FAQ API to upload question and answer using Api but answer is going in standard response.
How can I add this answer to advanced message section in Knowledge AI along with channel as Hangout with tags. Please provide below updated request body with channel, tag and Advanced message section.

“faqs”: [
“questionPayload”: {
“question”: “3DCOM - A350 Core - Synchronisation issue due to a missing CAD File”,
“answerPayload”: [
“text”: “{‘cardsV2’: [{ ‘cardId’: ‘unique-card-id’,‘card’: { ‘header’: { ‘title’: ‘issue due to a missing File’},‘sections’ : [{‘header’: ‘’, ‘widgets’: [{‘textParagraph’: {‘text’: ‘After a check-out. \nThe synchronisation will be done’}}]}, {‘header’: ’ Domain:', ‘widgets’: [{‘textParagraph’: {‘text’: ‘DMU’}}]}]}}]}”,
“type”: “basic”,
“channel”: “default”
“knowledgeTaskId”: “64d7e6d39064e0346d8ba39f”,
“subQuestions”: ,
“responseType”: “message”,
“subAnswers”: ,
“streamId”: “st-620c9b36-08fa-5bc5-a612-71919807e33f”,
“parent”: “701b7be7-efde-4abc-bb28-329126076e37”,
“leafterm”: “HR Assistant”,
“qsId”: “qna-f80e58a4-13da-5556-89c2-3fcee5cbefd9”

Hello @pratikmtech0,

Thank you for reaching out to Community.
Please refer to the below document for the required information.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team

hi @srujan.madderla,

Thanks for response. But we had referred the API and using that we were able to add FAQ answer in standard response section only.
My requirement is to upload the answer payload in Advanced section in knowledge AI with channel as hangouts along with tags added.

I tried updating API body to answerPayload as type=advanced but it didnt loaded the answer to Advanced section. Could you please provide what change we need in API
“answerPayload”: [
“text”: “{‘cardsV2’: [{ ‘cardId’: ‘unique-card-id’,‘card’: { ‘header’: { ‘title’: ‘issue due to a missing File’}}}}]”, //
“type”: “Advanced”,
“channel”: “hangoutschat”

I have searched through all the available Kore API documentation and was not able to find any reference for or description of the functionality you’re trying to use. My conclusion is that the API was not designed to provide access to the Advanced section. To get a definitive answer, this would need to be confirmed by the API engineering team, so I suggest you open a support ticket on this subject. If the functionality does not exist, you can submit a feature request.