How to add common static data to Bot Context

We have some static data that we want to add to the bot context. These are common data for all users of the bot and the value will be fetched from a service call and most likely will not change.

Currently I have added an intent, ‘Update bot context’ that calls the service node and saves the data to BotContext. Any other ways to add this data to the bot context?


We infer from your post that you would like to add a few static values that are commonly used for all the users.

In this case, you can have a script node and pass the values to the bot context through it.

Or you can also use environment variables as per your requirement.

Please let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya

Hi @yogaramya.mendu

That’s correct. We are adding a few static values common for all users and we created a script node to pass the values to bot context.

Then, we have created an intent ‘Update bot context’ that calls this script node. Is there any other way to do it, such that the intent is called for new bot projects? or if the values are outdated?


Hello @christian.calonge,

As mentioned before, you can use Environmental variables to achieve the usecase. Please find more details in the below documentation link: