how long will be the user data be stored in the

Hi team,

May I know how long the user data will be stored in platform?

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Hello @meem.khan,

Data at is retained for 7 years by default.

For your question, it usually depends on the type of user. Here in kore, we have three different categories of data storage.

  1. Conversation History (Chat)
  2. User Profile related data.
  3. Chat bot training related data.

hi @sadhvi.chandra

For All the 3 different data storage the data is retained for 7 years? or it varies?

Hi @meem.khan

Yes, it varies based on the type of data storage and also based on the user type.
Generally for both Conversation chat history and chat bot training related data, it is retained for 7 years.

Thank you @sadhvi.chandra :grin: