How link the Skype acct to my chat bot

While creating the Chatbot, with front end Skype acct, we are getting the message, you are not authorized,


after linking to Skype, control is going to link with Micro soft azure for further processing. is this message coming from here??

or its connecting to Azure and liking to bot server, am i getting this messages.


Yes, @venkata.bollapalli , Microsoft Azure account is mandatory for developers to enable Skype as a channel and it should be a paid account for the application to work.

Once you have the account on Azure, please follow the steps as documented below to have the channel enabled for your bot:

The steps for configuring the channels are also presented on the bot builder as instructions.


If the bot is of purpose enterprise which is intended to be used only by people within the enterprise, when a user tries to communicate with the bot from the skype channel, he would receive a link to connect his skype account with his account on bots platform.

If the bot is of purpose consumer which is intended to be used by the general public, any user should be able to communicate with the bot and can have the tasks executed which are published.
If users try to communicate with the bot which has only tasks in the configured state from the channel they will be shown the message that “You do not have access to the bot”

Thanks you Subrahmanyam,

we done same way to link the skype,But we need Azzure licences for this.