How do we get a SMS from Twilio SMS Channel i.e I want to populate an OTP to be sent to chatbot?

Bot asks customer to provide phone no.

Post which a OTP from Twilio SMS Channel should be generated.

How to invoke Twilio SMS Channel?

If you are looking to enable twilio as a channel for bot communication, you can refer to the document here

If you are looking just using the twilio for OTP sending, it is a custom feature that you will need to build and call the appropriate API to generate and send.

When you send an SMS, the SMS API returns a JSON response that contains an array of message objects, one for each message:

“message-count”: “1”,
“messages”: [
“to”: “447700900000”,
“message-id”: “0C000000217B7F02”,
“status”: “0”,
“remaining-balance”: “15.53590000”,
“message-price”: “0.03330000”,
“network”: “23410”