How do I add users to my account?

(Madhu) #1

I need to add members from my team to start using the bot on and also need a few to collaborate on bot development. How do I invite and get them the relevant access?

(Baba Farooq Basha Renumanu) #2


You can always go ahead and add or invite users through the Bot Admin Console. In order to access bot admin console you need to be the Bots Enterprise Administrator for the specific domain and once you are an Admin you will be able to invite users, delete users, create groups, add and delete the user from a group and other various jobs.

Please go through the below link for more detailed information,

Also, If the user already has an access for Bot Builder and in case we need a collaborative effort in Bot development with the list of Bot developers under the same domain then we can go ahead and share the bot with them from Bot Builder.

Kindly go through the below documentation link for a detailed explanation,

Let us know if the above-given information is helpful and feel free to write us back if there are any further questions, thank you.