How can prompt the user if no input is provided for an entity ?

(Jay) #1

Hello All,

Can we prompt the user if no input has been provided for an entity for some time and discard the task if no input after some time ?


(Jay) #2


Following up on above, any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.


(Sameera Tumuluri) #3

Hello Jay,

Any Entity node, will have User prompt. This is where you configure the question you prompt to user.

The default setting for any entity will be “mandatory” so usually the conversation cannot progress unless the entity value is provided.

Within platform there is no default way to calculate the input idle time. There is a default session time out of 15 minutes for the platform. However, if you are using BotKit, this flow can be achieved. Kindly review the documentation on Botkit events

Let us know if this helps.