How can i use Search Assist in different languages?

I need to make serch through English content, but search request are in Ukrainian. How can I launch multi language options in Search Assist?

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Thanks for your interest in SearchAssist.
As of now only English is supported. We are planning to add support for German and Japanese soon. Other languages make take some more time.

Just my two takes on it, it might work out. Here are the steps on how to incorporate AI dubbing in SearchAssist:

  1. Choose a platform that offers AI dubbing as a service.
  2. Create a project and select the language you want to dub your search assist content into
  3. Upload your search assist content, such as audio files or transcripts.
  4. The platform will create a voice-over in your desired language
  5. Download the voice-over and integrate it into your Search Assist app.

Wishing you luck :+1:t4:

To enable multi-language search in Search Assist between English content and Ukrainian queries, consider implementing AI voiceover technology. This tool can interpret Ukrainian search requests while displaying results in English, facilitating a smoother cross-language search experience.