How can I insert current date in the data table

I have created a flow which asks the user to enter name, order details, etc. I want to store the order details of user along with current date . Can you explain what is the format to insert or update a column value with current date for each user order.

Hello @nikhithasowjanya.kum, you have the option to utilize the Created_on and Updated_on field values to capture the date value when the record was created and also when the record was updated.

Please let us know if this satifies your requirement.

No, we don’t want these predefined column values created_on or updated_on . We want to generate current date from flow when user executes a dialog task, that current date should be used to store in a column.
For ex: A table has column as username , phonenumber, equipment_name, order_reason, order_date.
The first 4 inputs will be asked to user to enter and captured in entities. Whereas, the order_date should be generated as current date and stored in the column. How do I generate the current date in the dialog task and what is the format to store that.?