How can I access to context variables stored in XO dialog tasks from SmartAssist?

I want to send context variables like {{context.session.BotUserSession.A}} via API service in SmartAssist. Is there any way to do it?

Hi @justin.lyles122 ,

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Could you please elaborate more on your requirement ?

That would help us to check and update you.

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Srujan Madderla Community Team

Hi, @srujan.madderla .
I put some variables in BotUserSession in Dialog tasks of XO platform.

BotUserSession.put("A", "ABC");

And connected the bot to SmartAssist via Automation.
When call disconnects, I want to send that data to some endpoints via Service Node.

Is it enough? Or anything else you need?

Thank you.

Hi @justin.lyles122 here is the documentation that can help understand how to access automation bot context from Smart assist. l

Hope this helps.