How can I access the ChatScript the Fundamental Meaning Engine is using?

I understand that the Fundamental Meaning Engine is using ChatScript. Can I see the ChatScript? Edit it? Export it?

I’m familiar with ChatScript and wondering if I can work with it directly in the Bot Builder or in general - or if it is hidden under the hood and only accessible via the visual interface by adding a synonym or pattern or negation, etc.

David, welcome,

As a Kore Platform bot developer you can only interact with Chatscript indirectly through patterns and concepts. If you know CS then you’ll appreciate the power within just those two aspects. That is most obvious in the FM patterns, but virtually all entities have CS processing behind them and can be influenced through concepts.

Our Chatscript bot is not really like a typical CS bot because it is data driven from the Kore Platform bot definition. It is mostly script code based rather than topics. It is not a light hearted read!

If there is something in particular you are interested in doing then let me know - there might already be a way :wink: