Help user message

Hi Team,

We want to check if it is possible to remove help custom message from our bot.
Eg: If user is asking for help me with courses then our intent should be triggered or fallback node.
As you can see in screenshot instead of all the intents created in the particular bot it should be related answer related to help.


The “help” utterance is triggering a ‘Standard Response’ from the bot. You can find these pre-built responses under Intelligence >> Standard Responses.

You can modify the SR text, but please note that this is a global setting and will provided this same response in any dialog flow. I believe it may be possible to retrain the system to direct the help utterance to a specific intent, but that will require the removal of all references already existing in the bot training. My recommendation would be to change the Standard Response to provide guidance on what the user utterance needs to contain to be routed to the correct intent.
Hope this helps.

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