Google Calender Integration

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I was wondering if it possible to create/delete/modify google calendar events within my bot.

Thanks in advance.

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As long as the third-party system (google calendar) has APIs exposed, you can use them to implement your use case(s) through the service node.
Please consider visiting our to know more about the platform.


thank you for your prompt response. I tried to configure following HTTP request through the service node, but I failed to set up authorisation via api-key.


Are there any tutorials or examples I could use as a reference?

Thanks for your help.

Please try or
You will need to ensure that you are able to get the API to work with common clients like Postman before you try setting up the integration on XO platform.

Thanks. I was now able to set up the authorisation and the test request within the service node delivers the expected response. However, when I talk to the bot via chat following message appears:

Wählen Sie das Konto aus, das Sie verwenden möchten:

a) Google auth Account - active
b) Google auth Account - active
c) Google auth Account - active
d) Google auth Account - active
e) Google auth Account - active
f) Google auth Account - active

And ideas how to avoid this message?

Hello @salchner.lukas

How is your bot set-up actually? We will need to review that t know why you are seeing these messages. Would you mind sending us the export of your bot? You may rename the JSON files as txt and re-zip them when you send it to
Please update this post once you send the bot export to the mentioned email id.
Please mention this community post URL in the email.

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you got mail :slight_smile: