Getting "taskNotAvailable" after intent is correctly detected

hi team
i am getting this issue today, while i am entering a text the bot is not running the correct dialog flow.
according to the NL Analysis logs the bot was successfully able to identify the intent

this seems to be the cause of the issue please suggest when do we get the following logs

“finalResolver”: {
“ranking”: [
“intent”: “OrderITEquipments”,
“eliminationInfo”: {
“reason”: “taskNotAvailable”
“intentMatchVia”: “ML”

Hi Romit,

Thank you for reaching out to Community
Could you please confirm if the issue is still open ?

if Yes, you said you are seeing the issue today where there any configurations made on the bot recently ?
Please confirm if you are using an Om premise instance or a SAAS instance ?

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team

Hi Srujan,
i had faced this issue for a day, and it seems to be resolved by itself,
maybe the instance/session was not saved successfully

Hi @srujan.madderla ,

I’m also facing same issue my intent in the dialog flow is not getting triggerd.
i’m getting tasknotavailable error.
please find the screenshot attached