Getting Error message if something fails in published bot


I wanted to know if some error comes in during execution from the published bot then is there a way to get that error through script so that we can mail the same to concerned person from office to look into that.
The errors can be seen in Kore Ai debug window and we want to get the same error message in script.

Appreciate your help!

Thnaks and regards,

Hello @poonam,

Thank you for reaching out to Kore.

If you want to track the errors captured during communication with the bot then Bot Metrics can help you.

If the error messages you want to track are different, please share further details.


Yes, I know about bot metrics but I want to log from script node i.e. any exception or something comes then I want to mail about that error to developer instead of them checking in bot metric, so that issue get resolved at the earliest.
For eg. If error comes in bot then we can see that in debug window but I want to capture the detail of that error in script node, so is there a way to achieve this?