Getting 404 Error

(Jon Ravelo) #1

I am not sure what happened but my bot can’t seem to connect anymore, i keep getting 404 NOT FOUND.

I have tried testing this endpoint in cURL and Postman with simple GET request.

Is anyone else getting this error?

(Swagata Sengupta) #2

Hello @jonnathen.ravelo,

This does not look like the right URL. In our tutorials, if you check, we talk about installing SDKApp and access JWT as http://localhost:3000/api/users/sts

Please refer to : Unable to integrate the chatbot with the client/Mobile Channel Please Help us

We do not recommend using as that is intended for Kore internal JWT service and it may go down without warning during internal maintenance.

(Jon Ravelo) #3

ok so I figured out what needed to happen.

i had to update the app.js by adding a route to ‘/api/users/sts’


(Jon Ravelo) #4

I have updated the URL but am getting a different error now


and when i try the suggested of trying in the browser i get the 404 NOT FOUND


(Swagata Sengupta) #5

Yes that is a route error. You would not need to update app.js if you use the latest websdk and sdkapp.