Getting 3 message nodes messages at once when the service node is present in between in Webhook

Hi, I have a dialog flow that is integrated with the help of the Webhook channel. In the flow, I have a message node followed by a Service node and followed by another message node. I’m attaching the flow image for reference.


When I test the scenario in a development environment, the first message node comes first and after that, it hits the service node(take 1sec) and gives the second message node.

Dev Scenario:
Message Node 1 -> Service Node -> Message Node 2

But when it comes to production(Integrated with webhook). When the Service node presents in between the two message nodes. The bot is not sending the first message node, instead, it hits the service node and sends all message nodes at once. Due to this user is experiencing some delay during this flow.

Prod Scenario(Webhook):
Service Node -> Message Node 1 -> Message Node 2

It should work like a dev enviroinment. Kindly Fix this ASAP. or Give us any workaround to solve this issue. It leaves a bad impression on our customers, Thanks.

Hello @praveen.r1,

One option could be to set a certail time delay between the first message node and service node. Please check out the concept:

Hope this helps!