GET Request in webservices

(Amit Singh Nayal) #1

Hi !!

I was trying to get a response from web services in my bot but I am getting this message [OjectObject] could you please help me out.

(Kamal Kannan) #2

Hi Amit,

the response is of JSONObject type and BOT/Java script doesnot have ability to deserialise it for the printing purpose . Only Primitive types are allowed .

Please convert it to stringified JSON format , using
JSON.stringify(). and print it.

(Amit Singh Nayal) #3

Hey thanks bro it really helped…

(Amit Singh Nayal) #4

I am trying to connect one post webservices which is working fine in SOAPUI but when I am running it in Kore I am getting this

“An HTTP POST request with a SOAP request in the body was send to a WSDL URL. To call the web service use the service URL instead of the WSDL URL. To access the WSDL use an HTTP GET request or send the request with an empty HTTP body.”

Could anyone please help me out