Get context.forms data in Botkit SDK


I’m using the Botkit SDK for agent transfer. Before I transfer to live agent, I ask the user to fill a digital form. On the bot builder I can access the content. For example, I can use {{}}.

However, I’m unable to do the same while using the botkit. When I do context.forms I get the following { userInfo: ‘fdt-1097d0a3-ac06-5a75-979c-baa4d8588624’ }.

How can I access the name?

I don’t use forms, but have needed to pass data to my Agent Transfer bot kit. I use a script node just before the Agent Transfer node to set context.livechat = {my data}. I then print then incoming requests in my Botkit code and can observe my values in a livechat node within the request. I don’t recall exactly where in the request it appears, but it definitely gets passed through.
So try copying the context.forms entry to a custom entry, and look for it in the bot kit request.