Genesys channel - after authentication the bot does not respond automatically

Problem Statement
The user wants to trigger an AuthProfile as part of one or more Dialog Tasks in a Service node. The Dialog Task stops upon completion of the Service node and does not continue. One has to manually write OK or something else to continue.

The current implementation of the Genesys channel in Kore is synchronous. Hence it has few limitations w.r.t auto resuming the flow after authorization. The platform will be able to continue the flow and have the subsequence response ready. However, because of the synchronous mode of communication, we will need Genesys to initiate another request to be able to deliver the response generated by the bot.

If the user says something like OK, it may invoke small-talk as you can see in the above screenshot.

Possible alternatives

  1. Kore is exploring an asynchronous mode of communication for Genesys chat.
  2. As of now, along with the authorization request/link, guidance can be presented to the user to either write DONE or something meaningful that will help the communication to continue. This may also need an adjustment of the Small-talk training of the bot.
  3. Authorization requests can be better formatted with koreUtil.getCurrentOptions(). Different channels may have different JSON templates. Use this along with the right template for the channel while editing the standard response - “User needs to authorize or re-authorize”.