For any API when we pass JWT Token, getting invalid sdk credentials 4002 error

Hi Team,

We are adding the API scope for Intent and Entity Detection API. After that publishing the Bot and generating jwt token from

We are getting Invalid SDK credentials response.
Please Note, we are calling this API:

Is there any changes in the API? Webhook is working fine. There also we are passing jwt token. Issue is only for Intent and Entity Detection API. Can you help us here to resolve the issue?

Hello @praful_dhone,

Please use the API :{botID}/findIntent?fetchConfiguredTasks=false

This is the working format. We will update the documentation accordingly.

I also experienced this issue, and I was invoking /api/v1.1/rest/streams/{botID}/findIntent?fetchConfiguredTasks=false, configured an application in menu ‘Manage Apps’, added API Scope for the App, enabled JTI and JWE, generated JWT under, however it gave error 4002:
“errors”: [
“msg”: “Invalid SDK credentials”,
“code”: 4002

One thing I saw, in it said ‘the API Scopes need to be Published. [Follow the Publish] procedure ensuring that the API Scopes are selected from the API Extensions option.’, I dont see API Scopes in my publish screen, see attached.publish

can you please suggest ?


Hello @ming.will.cheng ,

Upon publishing the bot, all configurations as part of the bot including Scopes will be published. API scopes is not shown as separate feature in the publish page.