Finding user ID for troubleshooting

For user-specific or intermittent issues, we will need that user’s userId for to analyze logs or check database. There are many ways we can find user id.

If the user is available for testing, and we are working with them, the following cheat command is useful.

Have the user type in “cheat who am i” in the chat window (builder or channel) the response should look like

You will be able to find both user Id and bot id through this.

If the user is not available, and we need to check through historical logs we can find the details based on the issue time of the user and/or by filtering through metrics section. Navigate as suggested below, and select the concerned utterance.

You will find channel and user info in the json.


With this information, we should be able to find the relevant entries in logs such as CS logs.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:!