File uploads above 3mb seem to be undefined


So I’ve discovered a problem when uploading files to search ai. It appears that when they are bigger than 3mb they just don’t work? They are grayed out in the directory area, don’t have a page count, and are labeled as undefined when you go to delete them. However if I take the same file and split it in 2937 kb, and then upload it, it works fine and instantly. I have waited two days incase it takes longer for them to train, this still hasn’t helped? As anyone else experienced this?

Hello Jack,

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Could you please share the relevant screenshots and the HAR file replicating the issue ?

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla Community Team

@jack.bashaw Thank you for sharing insights with us.

We have identified an issue with file uploads exceeding 3MB, causing inefficiencies in recognition. Currently, files of this size and more are not being recognized in UXO (V11 - Search AI). While we are actively addressing this issue, we recommend using files smaller than 3MB as an acceptable workaround for uploading data until a resolution is implemented.

Product Support Engineer - Search AI