Feedback after Agent Transfer Node

(Damaresh N) #1


The use case is to take an inquiry request if an agent is not available (agent transfer failed).

To solutions this I was looking at creating a context variable and setting it.
then in the Agent Transfer node add further connections based on if-else condition on the above set context variable.

but when I observed agent transfer node there is no connections tab…so please suggest me some approach for this

Damaresh N.

(Karthik Tadikonda) #2

Hi @damaresh.n ,

I understand your question as : post agent transfer, if agents are not available, you would like to ask few questions from the bot.

Basically when agent transfer happened/ agent transfer node is hit, bot engine bypasses NLP engine. So all the control will be in bot kit. Hence conditional transfer will not happen unless agent transfer mode is exited.

So, you will have to put some logic in botkit sdk,for the above condition and invoke a new dialog like ‘Inquiry User’ after exiting agent transfer mode . From there Bot NLU will take forward.

Refer to this url:


(Damaresh N) #3

Thank you. I am able to trigger a new dialog.

Here is the implementation if in future anyone requires

 sdk.sendUserMessage(data, function () {                              
                            data.message = "inquiry request";
                            console.log(" BotKit.js | AnythingElseDialog scenario agentfailed |", visitorId);
                            return sdk.sendBotMessage(data);

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #4

Hi @karthik.tadikonda @damaresh.n ,
We have addressed this requirment with same implementation approach at the below topic.