Facing resolution issues while integrating bot with Workplace by Facebook


(Udaya Nandipati) #1

I have developed a bot in Bot Builder tool and integrated it with Workplace by Facebook and integration was done successfully but the issue here is in the Workplace by Facebook the text was getting an irregular size due to the resolution issue

PFA of Kore.ai and Workplace by FacebookKoreaiImageWorkplaceImage

If you can observe the Images of KoreaiImage and WorkplaceImage the alignment was not accurate for Email Id field in Workplace

Could you please suggest your views on the same

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @unandipati , if a channel specific message is not defined at the message, the message will be sent as text to the channel. We have verified the format of message on the Workplace by Facebook channel and it looks fine to us at the workplace chat. If the message doesn’t seen to fit the message bubble, the text is then moved to the next line as shown in below screenshots. We believe this shouldn’t have been an issue from the bots platform.