Facing problem in connecting my webservices. This webservice is working fine in SOAP UI but not in kore

(Amit Singh Nayal) #1

“An HTTP POST request with a SOAP request in the body was send to a WSDL URL. To call the web service use the service URL instead of the WSDL URL. To access the WSDL use an HTTP GET request or send the request with an empty HTTP body.”

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@amit.singh.nayal Could you please provide us with the snapshot of your dialog configuration at service node? The WSDL URL, Request payload and the expected response data would help us in debugging the issue.

(Amit Singh Nayal) #3

Hi Subrahmanyam,
please find the attached screenshot



(Amit Singh Nayal) #4

i am just checking the webservices no service node created yet

(Amit Singh Nayal) #5

wsdl : http://citd147.hsz.intra.lighting.com:8047/sap/bc/srt/wsdl/flv_10002A111AD1/bndg_url/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/ysupply_chain1/020/ysupply_chain1/ysupply_chain1?sap-client=020