Extracting CSV file with multiple responses to one question


(Akhil Solo) #1

Extracting CSV file with multiple responses to one question.

I have FAQ that have templates such as buttons configured as the responses.
So for that i have created responses using templates in “Web/Mobile Client” drop down.
Now when I save it, it shows that I have to add a response with all channels.
So now i add an alternate response with all channels and now when i want to export the CSV file, it shows multiple responses.
I tried to copy and paste the button template in advanced mode under the drop down “All channels”, but now the button template is gone and shows the exactly same responses(button format) in the bot response.


  1. If I want to add another 200 questions to the CSV file, i cannot see any place where i can upload it excluding the the already trained questions.
    • So I have the export the current trained questions in CSV format and add the 200 questions and update. Is there any way i can upload multiple csv files instead of updating it by exporting it everytime i have to add multiple questions(other than manually adding it in the Knowledge graph).
  2. I want to tackle the problem of exporting the current Knowledge graph with multiple responses into a CSV file so that i can add more FAQ’s instead of manually adding them in Knowledge graph.
    • If there is a way to add only a single response with button template in “All channels”.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Knowledge graph only supports a full replacement with import. An incremental import is not an option for now.

if you have multiple responses at FAQs or responses which have Adv.js configures, you can only use the JSON export/ import. CSV export / imports of the Knowledge Graph doesn’t support this.