Error Training Knowledge Graph after importing JSON successfully

Unable to Train FAQs Knowledge Graph imported using JSON
Total Primary questions - 14
Alternate questions for each primary question is ranging from - 4 to 15
Total questions including alternate questions for each primary question- 144

JSON import is successful but NLP Training failed for the original set of questions after import. There were no special characters pointed out.

To further test the issue -

  1. I kept removing 1 question randomly and kept trying to train but it failed. But on removing the 4 questions randomly, NLP training was successful.
  2. In second test, I imported the JSON again and removed another set of (4-5) questions different from question removed in step 1 and again NLP training was successful.

Is there a limitation over importing the questions ? Inspect is not pointing to the error


Can you please mention this post url and send the json of original set of KGs to ?