Error adding Google Drive bot

(Ruben Costa) #1


When I try to add the Google Drive to my bot, I don’t have the option to add the bot to my messenger and I can’t do anything that you say here -->

I want to develop a bot that requests some info to users and store all the answers in Google Excel file. Is this possible?

(Swagat) #2

The documentation you are referring to is for a bot from bot-store. You can only subscribe to a bot form bot-store as an end user. Is that what you want to do?
I think this bot is retired
If you want to create your own bot, you need to use google drive APIs to be able to design and implement the flow.

(Ruben Costa) #3

Hi @swagata.sengupta,

Basically I want to store info to a google sheet owned by me. But yes the conclusion that I got is that I need to use have an API and there I use google drive API to write to the file.

Thanks :wink: