Entity recognition problem

Hi community!

Im new in Kore, so maybe Im missing something basic.
Im following the banking bot tutorial, step by step, and also tryed a simple dialog flow and Im facing the same problem. After a entity node is called, and the entity is identified, it clearly appears in the Session and Context variables from the debug botton, but after moving to the next entity node and been this called, both entities appear as identified shortly but then dissapear both and the flow emerges a fall back error.
When trying the same with a simple “what is your name?” entity called Name, followed by something like "Hello {{context.entites.Name}}, it happends that the flow gets interrupted somehow and it asks me for the task I want to get into, kind of not following the path and trying to match with an intent.

I dont really know what Im missing since I have repeted several times step by step without realizing where can be the error, so if you can help me it would be awesome!



Kindly share screenshot of the behavior observed.

It may be that a message node is configured incorrectly or the dialog flow is not correctly configured. You can share the bot with ‘koresupport@kore.com’ and we can help analyze the bot structure.

Thanks for the reply sameera, Im not sure how but its already solved!