Email channel - Incorrect Reply-To address used by but


I want to enable email channel communication on my on-prem install. I’ve registered an MX record to my test cluster. The bot receives the messages properly, and sends the expected response. However, the Reply-To address is incorrect - MX domain is replaced with one of the servers’ FQDN. Due to this I cannot simply hit reply to the bot, instead I have to add the bot address manually.
MX domain is administered properly in
harakaService/config/me and /KoreConfig.json

What do I miss?

Thanks and Regards,

Hello @janos.hevesi,

Response for the same post has been provided to you through the ticket raised.

To summarize, duplicate responses were coming up in the email channel since HApolicy was not available for workbench “vhost” in the rabbitmq definitions.

After adding it, no issues were observed.