Do you have pt_br as a language to be used in the bot, already?

(Baba Farooq Basha Renumanu) #1

As of now, we haven’t used “pt_br” as a language in any of our bots. However, its tentatively planned for the end of April for Phase-1(Intent recognition & Named Entity Recognition ) and End of June or first week of July 2018 for Phase 2(System entities) of pt_br language. Any changes in the release details we shall update accordingly in the given topic.

(Madhu) #2

Phase 1 - Gets the basic support where the language is detected for intents using machine learning and entities using NER

Phase 2 - All the advanced features like entity patterns, small talk and sentiment analysis.

(Felipe Marquardt) #3

I´m not being able to use Person Name Entity on Pt-br as well as with English. Names are not recognized or capitalized.

(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #4

Hi @felipe,

Please find the reply to your query on

Yoga Ramya.