Digital Forms Issues

Hi i am new to, i was trying to include a digital form in my bot and i came across with following issues:

  1. Open Form: I want to initiate the conversation with a digital form without clicking the link. Is there anyway to bypass the link

And get forwarded directly to the form ?

  1. Submission Prompt: In the configuration tab I set the submit prompt, entering my custom message.


When i submit the form i don’t get the message that I configured previously.
Instead it provides me a default message which is the following:


Is there anyway to get the configured message ?

  1. Form Components Validation Settings. When I set the error message and the error messages for the custom rules

    I don’t get the error messages when the input triggers those validation rules (i.e when asking for phone number and the number of digits is more than 13 i should get “The provided number is longer than 10 digits” instead before submitting the form a default error message is placed bellow the telephone field mentioning “Too long”)


Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Hello @brillakisv :smiley:,

Welcome to Kore Community :clap: Answering your queries:

1 - We can bypass for link by opting for opening of form inline.

2- You should be able to catch the response and use alternative text through Web or Botkit SDK. From within the dialog we do not have a way to alter the behavior at the moment.

3- We are verifying the issue mentioned with error prompt and get back to you with our findings.

Thank you for stopping by!!

Hello there thanks for the quick response!

  1. Maybe I wasn’t clear at addressing the 1st issue, I can see that there are two options for the Digital Form UI (Web/Mobile SDK Form Behavior):

In both options you should first click the provided link in order to get directed to the form.

I want to remove the message “Please click below to continue your conversation using a form:” with the link and let the user go directly to the form .

Is it possible to implement it through the bot builder development environment ? Or it’s only feasible through modifying the webSDK?

  1. Ok its clear that you can catch it with the WebSDK (chatWindow.js) but I see that you provide a configuration field in the digital form node about the submission prompt

Should the Submit Prompts (left) match the prompt (right)? This was my understanding when I checked the documentation.
If this is not the case, where and when the Submit Prompts (“The information…your conversation” appear in the chat window ?

Please let me know!
3. Perfect!!!

Thank you!