Digital Forms in MS teams

Can you please let us know:

  1. are the digital forms in MS teams channel work in the same way as they are working for in Kore.Ai .
    2.we have explored the ms documentation for adding custom buttons templates for bot in MS teams channel a bit and found these articles then -
    kindly let us know if this customization would be applicable for a bot that is developed by platforms

Forms work the same way. A link is generated that can be clicked to invoke the form.
Which articles are you talking about? I don’t see any article mentioned or its link.

  1. Forms - For MS teams channel, can we add inline forms in the same chat window as we do it in
  2. Buttons templates in MS teams channel - the documentation below:

Also, community link:

These docs were shared by one of the guys regarding button templates

is there any reply or update on it?