Digital Forms in Kore.AI

Hi all,
Need help on this one:

  1. Forms - For MS teams channel, can we add inline forms in the same chat window as we do it in bcoz in teams it is opening as a link.
  2. Also, how can we show image and pdf as a chat response in teams(if we have public url)

Hello @harshit.kumar2 ,

From Bot Builder platform we can only send the link to external channels. In SDK we have the capability to incorporate the inline form view since it is within our control to configure the UI for it. But for other channels is dependent on whether the channel has the capability for that, and if they have any templates that can be used to have the required format.

Hi @sameera,
we want to embed digital forms in MS Teams channel. We have followed the link for the adaptive cards : Adaptive Cards for Bot Developers - Adaptive Cards | Microsoft Learn and have tried to embed this and it is also working fine. Could you please suggest us some way or some link to some documentation so that we can embed digital forms in our teams channel conversation.

Thanks and regards,