Digital Form should be able to trigger a user-defined Dialog Task upon Cancel Form action through a cancel button or form-window X button

Currently, when the user clicks the X button in the top right corner of a digital form, or hits a Cancel action button on the form, the dialog task is discarded, and the bot keeps waiting for the next user input/intent. If the user has clicked the X button by mistake, there is no way to recover from this mistake unless the user knows how to restart the dialog that presented the form. We would like to request a new feature within the Form Designer that allows us to trigger a pre-defined dialog task upon form cancellation. Also, the form node within the dialog flow should allow conditional flow control such as:

if (context.forms.MyForm.submitAction == SUBMIT) then go to MSG1
else if (context.forms.MyForm.submitAction == CANCEL) then go to MSG2

Hello @harshal.mulherkar1 ,

This request is same as the usecase presented in the post:

Both can be achieved through the recommended workaround. It will also be submitted as an enhancement.