Digital Form is throwing error in Facebook messenger

Hi All,

I have used digital form to capture user input in the dialog flow. I have used it as ‘Only Form UI’. This is working absolutely fine within bot builder UI. But when i am trying to access same from fb messenger i am facing below issue,

  1. instead of getting form link as a button (which was coming when accessed from bot builder console), it is displaying raw link as shown in the attached screenshot.

  2. when i click on the form button it opens the form inline the chat widget (when accessed from bot builder console), but from fb messenger when i click on the link, it opens a new browser tab and says " The link you are trying to access has expired or is invalid. Please return to your conversation, discard the current task and restart the task.

Please close the tab manually."

Any help on this will be appreciated.


Hi @dheeraj.k,

We understand the issue.
We will analyze it further and let you know.

Yoga Ramya.

Hi Yoga,

Any solution for this issue?