dialog transition issue

(Richard Mark) #1

I’ve setup an entity with a transition into multiple downstream entities, based on a user selection of an “enumerated list of items” (with a fixed set of variables).

However, the bot is not transitioning into the downstream entity…it simply stops with no error or other response, even though the debugger clearly states that it HAS transitioned.

It’s a very basic dialog task - I would expect it to work without too much trouble!

Is the debugger wrong? or is there a bug in my bot? I’m getting these kind of issues A LOT and it seems that the platform is unstable. Really frustrating!

See attached pic, showing debugger and stopped bot.


(Swagat) #2


If you could share some more details on your transition setting I may be able to help out.

  1. Screenshot of transition rules
  2. Screenshot of dialog design (try to accommodate all nodes)
  3. Entity (enumerated) settings (values, synonyms etc), mandatory etc.

(Richard Mark) #3

Thanks, but I’ve deleted the nodes and reinstalled them…it seems to work now.