Dialog flows Entity properties


Suppose I have a Enumeration list entity with buttons a,b,c. On clicking a, the flow goes to next entity node and works as expected. Now if I scroll up and click b on the first menu, bot is not identifying it and throwing default error message. I want the first node to work through out the dialog flow. Is it possible?

Let us take the scenario you described step by step.

  1. Entity list is presented (options a, b, c). The bot is expecting and awaiting an input for the entity prompt.
  2. You selected an option - a. The bot took the input, used the configured transition and did something you configured the bot to do.
  3. Now the bot is (most probably) in idle state. Not waiting for an entity prompt. If you scroll up and select b now, it will go as a fresh utterance to the bot. It will not be an input to the entity.

So, unless you loop back to the entity where you again prompt the user with the same options the bot will not know what to do with the input and that it has to use the transition.

Hope this clarifies. To resume the dialog flow you need to be at the right logical node to continue the dialog flow.