Deploying SDK App in Heroku Server

HI @Subrahmanyam I am trying to deploy the SDK APP in the heroku server I have changed the jwt url to the deployable url to this in sdk app :

The above url is where i have tried to deploy the app i am getting not found like this on the screen

in the console i am getting this particular error could you please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards
Rahul Siripurapu.

Hello @siripurapurahul ,

Apologies for the delay in our update. Please refer to the following post:

JWT URL usually ends with users/sts or /sts or /jwt - but it totally depends on the developer/ implementor how you want to configure the endpoint. The right end-point needs to be used, and it just needs to respond with the right JWT token.

This should resolve the error. :slightly_smiling_face: