Deploy bot in on-prem servers of client network

Hi Team,

We have a requirement of deploying our bot developed through platform over the on -prem servers in client network - kindly suggest on the best possible method or any possible guidelines for this

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Do you mean - You want to develop a bot on SaaS ( and you want to deploy the bot over on-premise server? Or
Do you mean - You want to develop a bot on an on-premise installation and deploy it locally within the customer’s local network there?

In either case, overall, you will need to follow the documentation and several other community articles on web-SDK implementation; and other web-mobile channel-related documentation.

Greetings Swagat!

We are still in the intial phase, but the most probable case for us would be option 1. I might have missed the specific article you are speaking about, would it be possible for you to give me some pointers to it?
I was able to figure out DeployHQ option, but I am really not sure if the purpose of it is for something like this, kindly suggest.

Many thanks for your response!

Hi Swagata,

Would it be possible for you to guide us further on the steps to be followed if we will develop and deploy the bot in same environment?

Looking forward for any possible pointers/docs

Greetings swagata!

I am trying to figure out if for Hybrid model too, we would have to get all the components like RabbitMQ, MongoDB and others installed on client’s infrastructure…
Our client’s network doesn’t allow having these installed- we would have to suggest development on Kore platform itself if this is true.

Kindly suggest and guide me for this scenario.