Deleting Conversation Chat Logs

We have built a chatbot for one of our clients. Now, the client is asking us to download and send the monthly chat conversations. Also, they asked us to delete the chat conversation logs after downloading them.

  1. Is there any possible way to delete the chat logs on monthly basis?
  2. Is there any way to download the chat logs on monthly basis like pdf or document?

Kindly suggest some ways.

Hello @praveen.r1 ,

First, we would like to confirm that a feature to auto delete logs per schedule is not available in the platform. The default data retention is 7 Years. Check out

For SaaS users, Kore requires the business justification for deletion of the logs, as well as approval from stakeholders to implement the process of chat history deletion.

To obtain Chat logs … i.e, chat history we have API available - . A job can be configured to pull data using this API periodically.

Let us know if this answers your queries.