Data table error 400

Hi Team,

I am trying the Data table. I am trying to add and get data from the table.I followed the steps given in the document yet I am getting error. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Please guide me if I am wrong.
Thank u.

Hi @meem.khan,

The dataService “Test” only works in case of Static data. When we provide context values, the data will not be available without invoking a dialog flow. Hence, we receive a 400 error as the values are not present to test the insertion.

The dataService “Test” will not work with Dynamic data now.

Yoga Ramya

Ok thank you @yogaramya.mendu :smile:

Hi @yogaramya.mendu, I am trying to add data in a data table but keeps giving me an error even though I had tested it with static data it does not help me. Also not able to retrieve the details also from the table.
How do we get to know whether the data that we have inserted into the table has been inserted or not successfully?
Please help me

Hi @aditya.singhania,

Please let us know if you have followed the below steps to add data into data-table:

Also, kindly send us the screenshots of your configuration.

Yoga Ramya