Data Table API call not reflected in voice channels


I have an issue. The data that is retrieved from the data table API from is not reflected on voice channels like Twilio/smart assist. However, it works when we test the same with a mock API.

Is there a specific configuration required for the data table to work on external voice channels? If so, could you kindly guide us with the procedure to do so?


Warm Regards

Malavikka R

Can you be more specific when you say the data is not reflected in voice channels. How are you sending the data in the message node? Are you following a proper channel override? Please share some screenshots and steps to replicate the problem.

I have created a data table and am using the API to retrieve the data using script node - FetchData
I am passing the variable as shown below

But this variable is not getting used on Twilio or smart assist agent.
Also, could you please elaborate on the channel override?