Data mismatch on Session History API vs Conversation Dashboard

We have a business requirement to set up a Data pipeline for extracting session history API data. When we compared the data from API with the conversation dashboard, there are mismatches in total conversation sessions, self-service, etc. Though the difference is small, we would like to know why there is a difference. I believe it’s due to timezone differences. We are using the ‘z’ timestamp (UTC format) to retrieve the data and the dashboard is supposed to consider 12 at fromdate to 12 at enddate, hence there should not be any differences in the total number of sessions.
We appreciate your help on this.


Anyone can update me on this? We really appreciate your help on this.
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Session history API would pull all sessions - closed and open.
The botbuilder UI conversation sessions consider only closed sessions for reporting. Maybe that is where the difference is.
Timezone may not be an issue. Our logs etc. are in GMT/UTC. But the filter would convert the selected time to GMT equivalent before sending it to the backend services.
cc @santhosh.myadam