Custom template formatting

  1. How to make a custom template to showcase a list of inputs for instance
    user have to give give three info to the user and after giving all those inputs a template containing all those items will be displayed for confirmation.

2.The below code could not be implemented on All Channels
Can anyone elaborte the reason and how send a javascript code format that can be used for all channels or for cisco jabber

var message={
“type”: “template”,
“template_type”: “button”,
“text”: “What do you want to do next?”,
“type”: “web_url”,
“title”: “Show Website”,
“url”: “
“type”: “postback”,
“title”: “Start Chatting”,

Hello @renisweta1094,

For first question, please refer to Form to collect user input before starting conversation

For the second question, Please add another response and select channel as web/mobile sdk. It should work. Templates will work only with web/mobile sdk or specific channel for which it is intended.