Custom dashboard for messages count from each child node in knowledge graph

(Akhil Solanathan) #1

Referring the screenshot attached, could you let me know how to create a custom dashboard that has the count of FAQ’s asked by the user from each child node of the CZ in knowledge graph.
i.e. If a user is asking 10 FAQ’s from benefits child node and 5 from rewards child node, In the dashboard it has to be displayed as benefits-10 and rewards-5 representing in X,Y axis.

Possibility of creating a custom dashboard using child nodes in Knowledge graph
(Ajay) #2

Hey @akhil.solanathan-ext

This can be possible and can be achieved by using JS-based responses for KG and in the JS, a variable can be used as a counter. Different counters can be used for different Ontology nodes. Then use a Custom/Meta tag to create a custom dashboard to plot the data.